From 2008-2013 I produced and co-hosted a podcast about comic books , illustration and animation called The Comic Cast. The show won Best Independent Podcast at the Irish Web Awards 2011 and 2013. The Comic Cast was archived online by the National Library of Ireland as a site of “cultural significance”.
The Comic Cast was also included as part of The Irish Times 50 Reasons to love Ireland(March 2013)
“One of the jolliest and most consistently entertaining Irish podcasts”
- The Irish Times (Feb 2011)
If you want to hear two hilarious, just-exited-the-pub-with-exuberance Irish blokes talk…..then make your way over to The Comic Cast podcast. Frankly, these two could talk about the ingredients of asphalt and make it an enjoyable show.

- Paul Hornschemeier, cartoonist and creator of the Harvey, Eisner, and Ignatz nominated series Forlorn Funnies.

You visit the Comic Cast site here.